Not kidding. AJ loved the dustpan so much we had to go out and buy him his own! It was a lot more hygienic that way- don’t worry, it only cost $1. 
For AJ, we are starting off with words that start with the letter B. Baby, bottle, bunny, baby, bubbles bananas. I guess bob-bob (instead of pop-pop) suffices- that is the only articulated proper name he says besides Django. 

Worked on the house for a few hours with my dad today. There was a ton of trash and we had a lot of shrubs/ tree trimming, carpet removal, complete deck tear down, and furniture/ trash in the house that totaled 2 packed dumpsters. We haven’t even had the house demo’d yet! It’s really coming along nicely and the property (yard, pool, and house) is huge.  There are definitely some projects you will be handling in the spring because it’s divided into phases.

Do you have access to a carpentry skills unit?? That would be awesome. I just ordered The audible memoir by Richard Feynman (physicist) “Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman” See if you can get your hands on that. If not I can send it to you via Amazon once I secure a legit address. 

LOVE, francine